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In 2017, a team of teachers from Morley School traveled to Haiti. The team consisted of Mike Aparo, Kim Ashworth, Sarah Chasse, Mari Beth Hixson, and Jennifer LaForte. The purpose of their trip was to conduct a school visit in Haiti, to learn more about its program and needs, and establish a collaborative learning environment that benefits students in both countries.

The following year, a second group of teachers, consisting of Peg Flower, Jenny Dorl, Jennifer Hall, and Leeann Kluskiewicz, returned to Haiti. The focus of their trip was to deepen a sister-school relationship in Deschapelles, Haiti, while researching the educational and cultural aspects of the community to create inclusive instruction that honors the wide range of human perspectives present in classrooms in both countries.

Classroom in Haiti
Walking across a stream in Haiti
Haitian art
Haitian landscape
Haitian landscape
Classroom in Haiti
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Haitian artwork
Classroom in Haiti
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Student work
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Morley Teachers Travel to Haiti